This story has no beginning. This story has always been. In all of recorded history, Talona has despised Chauntea. This feud will likely continue until the end of time, or the gods themselves. The cause of the feud is destined to be forever lost in time. Many agree it is the symbolic balance of Good versus Evil; where Talona destroys, Chauntea restores; where Chauntea grows, Talona poisons. Many suggest Talona is jealous of Chauntea, and this jealousy drives her destructive ways. This has manifested itself in many ways; some with direct intervention; many with indirect, but guided, actions. However one truth has remained: Talona, her allies, and her followers are the antagonists. They pick and probe, looking for weaknesses in Chauntea, her allies and her followers. Invariably what is found is resilience and resolve. And so the feud continues unabated. The Goldenfields incident is but one example of this feud.


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Follow the trials and tribulations of our intrepid party as they travel the known world in search of Chauntea’s Fire and Sword.

This is the campaign site for a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventure. The setting is the Forgotten Realms in the year 1372 DR. This campaign is completely home-brewed; to look “behind-the-scenes” please visit the RPGs Blog.

Enjoy the adventure…